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Toddler Gym Classes

toddler gym classes

Focus: Exploring PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Your toddler is on the move and very likely exploring actions such as running, jumping, kicking, throwing, catching, and other various movements. They’re entering the realm of larger and more complex motor skill movements, and they are having a blast testing their emerging abilities and skills. COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT At this stage […]

Individual Sessions

individual sessions

Individual sessions are personalized and tailored to benefit athletes regardless of their level. Our coaches work with your child to initially create the best program and then evolve the program as your child develops his/her creative skills. Private sessions allow for a safe and familiar environment while projecting positivity in everything we are doing. Your […]

Sports & Fitness Classes For Kids

fitness classes for kids

Sports and fitness should not be used as a means to demoralize or demotivate an athlete. Sports and fitness should be utilized as a gateway to boosting confidence and self-esteem. Our sports and fitness classes are designed to be creative, imaginative, and engaging. In a safe environment, athletes can learn the basics of how a […]

Social Skills Groups

social skills group

During each group session, athletes will participate, share, follow directions and rules, and take turns. We have designed our group sessions to be both age and skill appropriate so that athletes can utilize problem-solving skills through physical play and social interactions.  Our sessions help develop positive peer interactions and communication – while having fun! To […]

Group Fitness Classes in NYC

group fitness classes nyc

This program is customized to meet the physical, adaptive, and cognitive abilities of the individual and the group as a whole. The goal is to help athletes master specific movements that can be utilized in their daily activities. This fitness program is motivating and engaging, and it focuses on peer interaction. Working out with friends […]

Summer Camp in NYC

summer camp nyc

Arrival – Upon arrival, campers will enjoy their morning meetings, snack, and free time. Activities – Campers will participate in daily movement games and/or sports, crafts, music, yoga, and much more throughout the morning and afternoon. Lunch – Please pack a lunch for your child. Dismissal – Campers will be provided with a final snack before being picked up. […]