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Toddler Gym Classes

Ages 0-4
Each Session is 45min


Our toddler gym classes are filled with moving, playing, and a ton of fun! Our playgroups allow children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, their dexterity, and their physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities. Play is essential to the development of both a healthy body and mind. Through our playgroups, we see children at a very early age engage and interact with the world around them.

The progression of physical development during early childhood is an amazing thing to observe. One of the best ways a family can promote their child’s development is by creating a supportive and encouraging environment. At Empowered Sports & Fitness, this means giving little ones plenty of space to explore. From rolling, crawling, and playing to running, jumping, and climbing, we are here to support your child’s needs and growth.


Single Session – $50
Single Session w/ a sibling – $85
10 Sessions – $450

toddler gym classes

More About Toddler Gym Classes

Focus: Exploring


Your toddler is on the move and very likely exploring actions such as running, jumping, kicking, throwing, catching, and other various movements. They’re entering the realm of larger and more complex motor skill movements, and they are having a blast testing their emerging abilities and skills.


At this stage your toddlers are becoming more observant of the world around them. They are beginning to analyze, categorize, and question why and how things work. They begin to seek answers to their questions and the environment around them.


You can expect your toddler to explore a variety of movement games and sports that are physical in nature, require problem-solving and teamwork by following rules/directions, and communication. These activities will help build strength and stamina as well as cognitive skills such as memory, patterns, and identifying numbers and colors. This class is meant to prepare your toddler for the next steps by having an effective impact.

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