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Ages 5-21+
Each Session is 30-45min


Does your child get nervous or anxious because they’re unsure how a game is supposed to be played? Playing sports can be intimidating if you don’t understand the rules. You can get caught up in winning and losing, have difficulty following multi-step directions or understanding hidden rules and may not know how to communicate well with coaches.


10 Sessions $1500
15 Sessions $1900
20 Sessions $2300

The goal of this program is to build confidence, develop intrinsic value, and have fun! To learn more about our sports and fitness groups contact us today.

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Note from the owner and head coach:

Another school year has come to a close and that means it's time for ESF summer programs! What makes our programs special is the environment we create. It's both flexible and challenging. We provide campers with as many opportunities as possible to help them explore their interests. And we do this by designing activities that are in sync with the needs and capabilities of the individual and/or the group. Lastly, we provide support when needed - flexibility is key - such that campers will develop friendships and make lasting memories. This summer we have a wonderful curriculum that we are very excited about. Many activities will be planned according to weekly themes such as sports week, animal week, and spirit week just to name a few. And at the end of the summer, we will hold our First Annual ESF Olympics. Campers will have the chance to choose from our main color scheme of blue or gold. It will be a wonderful way to close out the summer.

We are excited to meet all the campers and see their smiling faces!

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More About Sports & Fitness Classes

Sports and fitness should not be used as a means to demoralize or demotivate an athlete. Sports and fitness should be utilized as a gateway to boosting confidence and self-esteem. Our sports and fitness classes are designed to be creative, imaginative, and engaging. In a safe environment, athletes can learn the basics of how a sport is played as well as how to move their bodies without having to worry about making mistakes. In fact, we welcome mistakes! 

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