Focus: On the Move

Physical Development

Intro: From 6-9 months, children become increasingly mobile. At this stage children are pulling objects towards their bodies, sitting up without support and, very importantly, beginning to crawl. From 9-12 months, we begin to see more major milestones such as standing up and walking and the development of more advanced fine motor skills.

Cognitive Development

Older babies begin to distinguish between animate and inanimate objects, they have improved visual tracking, and they recognize the difference between pictures depicting different numbers of objects. As babies approach one year of age, they begin to understand the permanence of an object, they imitate basic gestures and actions, they look at picture books, and they manipulate objects.

What to expect in class

Expect to be moving, playing, and having a ton of fun! Babies will explore music and dancing, textures, toys, and other physical challenges with the use of equipment. Additionally, we will be helping to create a routine in your little one’s day.

*Each session is 45 minutes

0-6 Months
Tummy Time

6-12 Months
Movers and Groovers

1-2 Years
First Steps

3-4 Years