Focus: Exploring

Physical Development

Your toddler is on the move and very likely exploring actions such as running, jumping, kicking, throwing, catching, and other various movements. They’re entering the realm of larger and more complex motor skill movements, and they are having a blast testing their emerging abilities and skills.

Cognitive Development

At this stage your toddlers are becoming more observant of the world around them. They are beginning to analyze, categorize, and question why and how things work. They begin to seek answers to their questions and the environment around them.

What to expect

You can expect your toddler to explore a variety of movement games and sports that are physical in nature, require problem solving and team work by following rules/directions, and communication. These activities will help build strength and stamina as well as cognitive skills such as memory, patterns, and identifying numbers and colors. This class is meant to prepare your toddler for the next steps by having an effective impact.

*Each session is 45 minutes

0-6 Months
Tummy Time

6-12 Months
Movers and Groovers

1-2 Years
First Steps

3-4 Years