Focus: Movement and Equipment

Physical Development

And just like that they’re walking. Here are some things to expect in this age range. Slightly wobbly, your child is moving independently, picking things up, turning knobs and handles, and moving and swaying to music. The development window is much wider as are the progressions.

Cognitive Development

During this developmental stage, most 1-2 year olds can understand and respond to words, identify objects that are similar and different, imitate actions and languages of adults and, most importantly, learn through exploration.

What to expect in class

Expect your little one to learn and grow through movement and exploration. We will utilize equipment such as balls, crawl tunnels, and weighted objects to help strengthen their upper and lower bodies as well as their cores. Throughout this period, we begin to build on social and emotional skills with friends in the class.

*Each session is 45 minutes

0-6 Months
Tummy Time

6-12 Months
Movers and Groovers

1-2 Years
First Steps

3-4 Years