Focus: Sensory Development

Physical Development

Intro: During 0-3 months, newborns are developing their rooting reflexes. You might find your little one tugging or pulling on their own hands and feet, bringing their hands to their mouths and, significantly, the beginning stages of head control. From 3-6 months, babies begin to develop greater dexterity and strength. You may notice your little one beginning to roll over, grasping for objects, and playing with toys.

Cognitive Development

During 0-3 months, newborns begin to see objects more clearly, such as moving objects and faces. They begin to detect different pitches and volumes, colors, and some facial expressions. From 3-6 months, babies expand their field of perception to recognize familiar faces and sounds, and they develop the ability to imitate expressions and sounds.

What to expect in class

Our 0-6 month class focuses on a sensory diet of stimulating objects, sounds, and movements. Parents and caretakers will learn how to play with their little ones while specifically assisting the improvement of attention, arousal, and adaptive responses.

*Each session is 45 minutes

0-6 Months
Tummy Time

6-12 Months
Movers and Groovers

1-2 Years
First Steps

3-4 Years