Here are some common questions we receive, with helpful answers! 

A Youth Fitness Coach can be helpful in the following scenarios:

Sometimes it’s more about what parents want than what the child wants. Parents tend to have their own agenda when it comes to their children. Playing organized sports, attending classes and/or other structured activities does not have to be the ONLY method of physical activity. In fact, less structured activities can be a great start for kids who dislike the organized approach. Your child needs a trainer who can create sessions around fun activities that aren’t typical gym routines and should include input from your child. In other words, the trainer should be helping your child find activities he or she enjoys and can do on their own. Lastly, these activities should be creative, imaginative, and engaging. There’s a great saying about life: “Find what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This same concept applies to kids and exercise. If they find something they love to do, they won’t think of it as exercise.

"Do you accept Self Direction?"

Yes, we are an approved Self Direction vendor. Payment for packages are made upfront and we provide invoices to the client for submission of reimbursement.

"How long are the sessions?"

Sessions are 45 minutes long unless it is determined at the assessment that the athlete can benefit from a 30 minute session.

“How frequent are the sessions?"

Athletes are scheduled for one session per week.

“Where are sessions held?"

Sessions can be held inside or outside subject to weather conditions. Indoor sessions are held at athlete’s homes and outdoor sessions will be held at pre-designated park or playground facilities.

“What happens if there is inclement weather?"

Sessions will be held unless weather conditions are unsafe for the athlete and coach. We follow the guidelines of the Department of Education and New York State Department of Health. Please see our policy page for further information.

“What is your cancellation policy?"

Empowered Sports and Fitness has a 24 hour cancellation policy. A missed, postponed, or cancelled session with less than 24 hours notice (except for an emergency), will be considered a completed session.

“Do we need any equipment? "

No, Empowered Sports and Fitness will provide each family with individualized equipment to complement the athlete’s training program.

“Can a friend or family member join the session?"

We are happy to accommodate friends and family and ask only that the legal guardian of this individual sign a waiver release form. Please see our policy page for further information.

"Can I freeze my sessions?"

No, sessions cannot be frozen. While Empowered Sports and Fitness appreciates that families have obligations which may require the rescheduling of a session (i.e. vacations, unforeseen responsibilities, etc.) we require that packages be completed in a timely manner. Please see our policy page for further information.

"What if I need to reschedule my session?"

We will do our best to accommodate your schedule; however, we cannot promise that preferred time slots will be available. Please see our policy page for further information.

"What kind of payments do you accept?"

We accept Venmo, Zelle, debit cards, credit cards, personal checks, and cash.

What if the given day/time does not match my child's schedule?
If there is a time slot that does not match your child’s schedule, we will try to put her/him in a younger or older age group. For example, if your child just turned 9 and cannot attend the 9-10 year old class at 4:40pm, we can place them in the 7-8 year old class that starts at 3:50pm. Each group will have athletes that are at the younger or older range of our age groups. We are flexible with grouping, and we do our best to make sure we have the best match for your child.
Can I utilize the package I purchased for group sessions for individual sessions?
If you purchase a package for group sessions, you can utilize those sessions for individual sessions. That being said, our services operate on a first come first serve basis. Our coaches’ schedules fill-up quickly, and we cannot guarantee individual sessions in addition to the group classes.
Can I utilize individual packages for groups sessions at ESF’s gym?
If you purchase a package for individual sessions you cannot utilize those sessions for group sessions. One of our coaches will come to your home or meet in a convenient location to work with your child privately.
What if we purchase an individual package and want to switch to group sessions?
If you purchase an individual package and want to switch to group sessions or try a group session, we will allow you to utilize two of your individual sessions to trial our group sessions.
Can a coach see my athlete in the space for individual sessions?
An athlete can be seen in our space for a one-to-one session, but only if a group class is not scheduled at the time you’re requesting.
What are the class sizes?
Groups classes can vary in size. The number of athletes in any group session is at least two and no more than 10. We prefer our groups sessions to be small and intimate.
Can I have my child’s Paraprofessional in the gym space?
Your child’s Para can be in the gym space to help support her/him.
What kind of commitment is associated with group sessions?

Group packages are no different than individual packages in regards to commitment. Your athlete’s commitment to the group is the equivalent to the length of the package you implement (10, 15, 20). We understand that life events such as vacations, doctors’ appointments, and sick days are inevitable, but please keep in mind that consistency is key for group sessions. We want each athlete to get as much out of a group as possible. When you select your day, time, and group we would like you to honor this commitment as we have limited spots in our groups. If there is too much inconsistency we will reserve the right to open your spot to a family on our waiting list. Please understand this is not personal. This is to make sure the well-being of group comes first.