Empowered Sessions

All of our programs involve personal attention. Our sessions are designed to benefit the whole body, creating competence and confidence through a wide variety of movement regimes. In essence, our programs enhance the foundations of strength and stability, power and coordination, and endurance through fundamental movement patterns. In addition to working the body, we believe in exercising the mind in order to increase areas of creativity, focus, social activity, problem-solving skills, and even language. Lastly, we encourage our athletes to provide feedback during sessions, which results in increased engagement and creativity. When athletes use their imagination, it enables us to build upon their skills, confidence, and self-esteem. These are the key ingredients for long-term love of physical activity.


The assessment is utilized to gauge an athlete’s current physical fitness status, which is paramount for program design.

Empowered Assessment – $115

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These programs are personalized to benefit beginners, intermediate, and advanced individuals. Our coaches will work with your child to find the best program and make changes as your child develops. The best part about our private sessions is that we provide a safe and positive environment in order that your child be comfortable, have fun, and be creative.

Empowered Package #1 10 sessions = $1150

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Empowered Package #2 15 sessions = $1600

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Empowered Online

Coming Soon…. Unlimited Empowerment, delivered daily! Your membership provides you access to pre-recorded as well as live classes that range in length and intensity levels. Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in personal training, running, boxing, yoga, dance, music, karate, and more.