Meet Our Team

Michael Shipper


Emily Kline

Occupational Therapist

Justin Sullivan

Youth Fitness Specialist

Our Philosophy is “Everyone Gets to Play”

The development of movement across a lifespan is a complex process that is influenced by cognitive and physical aspects. As Youth Fitness Specialists, developing relationships with individuals is first and foremost. We understand that when building rapport and designing a program, a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work. In fact, we create movement programs customized to each child with whom we work. We use simple elements of demonstration, explanation, and feedback to teach proper movement patterns. And the best way to keep our process simple, consistent, and fun is to EMPOWER our clients.

Establish lifelong habits - We are constantly striving to help our athletes pursue excellence on and off the field. The most important aspect a coach must consider when working with children and adolescents is to remain positive; be positive about their skills and efforts. By showing appreciation for their physical activity you are reinforcing the foundation of lifelong habits.
Motivation - We help our athletes build intrinsic values rather than extrinsic values. In other words, we help children and adolescents build an internal love of movement and exercise. As a result, our athletes tend to have a positive impact both on the field and on society.
Physical and Mental Benefits - There is a plethora of benefits of being active for children and adolescents, such as a sense of achievement, social interaction, learning new skills and interests, greater strength, endurance and stability, increased mental awareness, lower risk of injury and disease, release of stress, and, most importantly, pure enjoyment.
Open Communication - There are a broad range of communication and learning styles because we all process information differently. The learning styles are visual, auditory, kinesthetic (hands-on), or a combination of all three. Knowing how your child learns helps us leverage cognitive and movement skills and explore barriers to help guide our athletes.
Work Ethic - This is the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward. A strong work ethic has several ingredients including integrity, responsibility, quality, discipline, and a sense of teamwork. When these aspects are combined with the efforts of the individual and our programs, this is a sure recipe for success.
Energy Maximization - When it comes to maximizing energy we believe it is important to marry mind and body. The mind is a muscle just like our arms and legs and it needs fuel as well. Physical activity increases creativity, focus, social skills, and language. Overall, it is important for us to work towards a healthy balance of mind and body.
Responsibility - We teach personal and social responsibility through physical activity. In fact, physical activity is a great way to teach children valuable life skills such as respecting others, cooperation, and leadership. We enjoy shaping and developing the character of the children with whom we work.